Conditions of Enrollment: As a Ho’ala member, I hereby agree: (a) that the Ho’ala Program is not an insurance policy; it is an agreement for the provision of dental services on a pre-paid basis or at an otherwise discounted price; (b) that the benefits of this program do not coordinate with any insurance plan; (c) to abide by the membership fee published at the time of enrollment (fee increases may occur on an annual basis); (d) to pay the out-of-pocket costs at the time the services are received; (e) that there shall be no refunds given for any cancellations; and (f) that Hawaii Family Dental Centers shall set the date on which my dental program enrollment shall begin. AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: Our automatic renewal will automatically charge your checking account, or credit or debit card on your annual renewal date. You can cancel your automatic renewal within 30 days of your renewal date by contacting us at 808-523-3111.