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Ho`ala Dental Program

Ho’ala is an affordable discount dental plan that allows you to receive quality dental care without all the added expenses. With the Ho’ala Dental Program, you’ll get complete dental care at deeply discounted rates and you’ll always know what your out-of-pocket expenses will be ahead of time. The Ho’ala Dental Program offers discount dental services in Hawaii from ten convenient dental centers across the islands. Ho’ala gives you great dental care at great savings – now that’s something to smile about.

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May M

Having no insurance for dental, my life started becoming miserable when I needed a tooth extraction. In my desperate search for an affordable dentist/dental center, I found Hawaii Family dental center on yelp. Definitely affordable. They have their own insurance called H'oala. For individuals it's $192 for one year and you will save about 30/40% on their oh so many services.

But I almost turned down HFDC for their 3 stars and some negative reviews. But heck like I had the luxury to be picky and also the reviews were very mixed. Some had great experiences, some had horrible. Reading the bad reviews, I got scared but its do or die for me. Sure based on the good reviews, I'll have some faith in this place and give it a try. What's there to lose?

Nagu G

Thank goodness for this program. I am a student in college that does not have a job or dental insurance. By investing in this program it allowed me to get dental treatment ar a lower cost. Now my teeth is nice and healthy. awesome.